Financial Assistance Applications can be submitted throughout the year. There is no deadline for submitting a Financial Assistance Application. Applications are reviewed twice throughout the year. Applications are granted based upon need and available funds in the Foundation. Any application that is submitted and not granted at one of the review dates will be held and reviewed again on the next review date. New applications will need to be submitted at the beginning of each soccer year.

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The “Sting Gives Back” Initiative is our mandate to have every Sting soccer player donate ten hours of community service to their respective communities each year. With over 1,000 players currently playing in the Sting Soccer Club, our efforts will generate over 10,000 hours of community service each year. In the past, our players have participated in many causes benefitting local homeless shelters, children’s hospitals or medical centers, youth-oriented programs, veterans, active duty military, and many more. Our hope is to create a habit of service among our players and extend our reach into the community through these initiatives. We believe that one of crucial building blocks of a leader is the ability to serve, and our community service initiative is the cornerstone of our mission to produce the leaders of tomorrow.

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The easiest way to become a supporter is to donate to our general fund. We appreciate everyone’s contribution and support of our youth. Each investment brings us closer to providing assistance to any player with a financial need. Donations made to the Sting Soccer Foundation can be made and ear marked for a specific team or player. Any business or individual can make a donation to the Sting Soccer Foundation. Individuals CANNOT make a tax deductable donation benefiting their own child.

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